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December 24, 2011
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Fillies and gentle colts the red snail is proud to present

A Brony's Blue

Soundtrack 1… For title page only.
Soundtrack 2… - Farewell to peace by Kenji Kawai

Details : After a long wait and troubles over my uni work I finally managed to create this reduced short story about my OC character 'Neon' who is the leader of famous pop rock band of 5 who travels around Equestria. There will be more stories about her visit to Ponyville and Manehattan etc with back stories of the band members too.

But the one I present you now is about her childhood life with a man named George Crawford and her extraordinary experience with the world she traveled to.

The details of how she got teleport to the human world will be shown later.

This is the first edition and the first ever complete lengthy comic I've ever done. The second refined edition maybe done later with more details added to the story.

This comic was done with pen and water colour

So I leave you now to enjoy the story and Merry Christmas and happy new year.
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Hey there, I just thought you should know, the 2nd link for audio is broken. The video was taken down.
Ahh ok :) I shall look that up.

once again, I am stunned.

This was absolutely beautiful. The art was inspired. And the story was as touching now as it was when i saw it a few years ago. I applaud you sir.

however there is one thing that bugs me. Has the story changed at all? I'm not sure but i thought originally in order to save neon George hit her and gave her amnesia. Or was i just imagining things through all the tears?

anyway, thanks again. You are very talented.

Must *sniff* NOT *sniff* cry...

GREATEXPECTATION Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Every single time. I just break down crying.
i wanted to read a something moving and i did, thanks for the story! kinda reminded me of My Little Dashie.
Right in the feels.
GrimCJr May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*sobbing and clapping*

WHY, WHY did it have to be so SAD and SO BEAUTIFUL! This story is so touching and so mesmerizing it borders on being one of my all time favorite pieces. The quality for an ink and watercolor done comic is out standing and merits the use of astonishing and masterful.

I have to say thank you for this wonderful story but why must it be true. :(
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