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I Do! Do you?!

I miss them so much I could address to a Haggis just like on Burn's night. But for now I just have to survive on these wee bread and chicken slices. For a storm's be coming and the Graduation Grail is just over the top of the fortified castle full of heathen exam papers and projects spitting words down like muddy rain.

To be continued…...
Rad Riding Hood anatomy test by escagorouge
Rad Riding Hood anatomy test
Further conceptual design of the Rad Riding Hood (Greta Garland ) (…) . The design features some of her inner functions which was developed to be compatible with her signature weapon " The Juicer". More of Greta will come hopefully this summer when I graduate.

For those interested in her design for game characters or novels do let me know. I'm still a rookie mangaka, but I have been taking industrial design and worked with real life industries in my university projects. So I have some ideas for conceptual projects, weaponries, products, machines and how things works as well if you want me to design such items. I can create portfolios and such for them too.
I still don't know how money works on such commissions maybe DA points? But I guess building reputation is fine for now if I wish to climb the stairs to work with anime artists and to be honest I don't expect much profits. But more of just doing it!
Rad riding hood character sheet. by escagorouge
Rad riding hood character sheet.
This is the work in progress that I have done in the late August. It is the character design sheet of the 'Rad riding hood' the girl ubermensch. This diagram shows her basic design of her bionic integrated legs, circuited arm for transferring power to her Gatling lance and her blood cape which is her power generator/ radiator.

At the moment I am putting manga projects on hold due to design projects that I have to beat for my final year. However I have done some thinking over the character of Rad riding hood and came up with a short story for her. The project will coincide with Blank Page! but as that will be my biggest trump card I will also need some decks which will be the story of the Rad riding hood. The theme of it will be Nordic/Germanic apocalyptic epic.

Anyway I will hopefully get this character sheet colored sometimes.

Pencil on A4
Its final year and its time to go back into idle. I have by far completed the first draft of Blank Page's debut volume script, character sheets and the beginning of the storyboard. Quite hard really for a beginner manga artist haha.
However I must return to Uni and work super hard for another 6 months so progress might be slow. But after my degree I promise to come back and this time dedicate myself to studying manga art so that Blank Page will finally have its first volume made.

On the first volume of Blank Page, due to the infinite things you could have with this idea it could sometimes very hard to settle on the finite. However during the last few months me and my friend have been redrafting and redrafting the first volume into something that is looking more complete day by day. Taking out potholes, putting in limitations to the protagonists, deciding their journey etc etc..
One thing however is we are trying to make a "NEW" thing which are hard these days.

Thats all for now folks!

Sorry for the patience but I hope you all understand.
My thoughts

Though there might be many complaints about the final OVA of the Kill la Kill series. And not many things are new I completely understand. Trigger is a small studio still growing and we should be grateful they even gave us this final goodbye for a series we loved and adored. It has been quite problematic to them because they have to put their budgets and time into new things coming up such as ninja slayer and little witch academia, so you could understand how they might need to rush the wrap up.

The OVA itself is nothing new but to me I very much appreciate their efforts and the perfects of ending I wish for an anime to be. As much as we like to see love and such in an anime, it is slightly hinted and not too in-depth between Gamagoori and Mako which is good. Its quite refreshing to see an anime which concentrates on its main plots and somewhat relationships between people in a way that doesn't involve the trope of cliche love but more the love of friendship, respect and sisterhood. I am not saying that love is bad, but when anime these days wrap their story around such relationship too much, it can be very distracting. It is part of what I really like about Kill la Kill is the interactions of the characters. The friendly relationships also left us to imagine and take it upon ourselves and little artists might even draw light novels and doujins to expand it according to their wishes. So Kill la Kill's eventual ending is left open for imaginations which is good.

It also puts the ending to some of my most favorite characters and leave it to us to imagine what might become of them.

Satsuki Kiryuin rant ( Spoilers )

My uttermost favorite of anime characters that I could compare her to a Mozart's creation. Her stance, characteristics, beauty, psychology, design etc etc are so well made that she pops out like Mozart's requiem but also contains the Japanesque calm of Hiroshige's work. A brilliant leader who's determinations for success are so comparable to those of Napoleon or Caesar. Not one of those tsundere badass female leaders but rather Athene like badasses. And to think that an ending could be made for such a character I am satisfied with her conclusion in the OVA. As everyone is about to leave onto their life such as Uzu becoming a professional Kendo player, Gamagoori working at his parent's steelworks and Ryuko going to another school with Mako. However Satsuki's aim in life is left ambiguous and mysterious. I truly love this conclusion and felt that leaving it mysterious would suit her powerful character that nothing could compare to. Perhaps for such a character it could be said that there shouldn't be a definite conclusion. It is also reminiscent of Trigger's previous work of Gurren Lagann where Simon choose to become a hermit in the end and his life is left mysterious despite the fact it is he who have conquered heaven itself. There are many more things I could describe to why I really love the ending to such a character but you get the idea and I would love it to be left as that. The mysterious and ever so wolf like Satsuki Kiryuin.

So to conclude my rant I'd say that Kill la Kill have ended on a high note despite the rushes of the OVA. I understand that many people would want more of the second series and such. But to me I felt that ending it here would be the best way for such a masterpiece and anything more or less would be questionable. It could be said that some Great songs are usually short but you will keep on coming back to listen to it again and again without getting bored. And as egoraptor said before a good well made dessert is always satisfying than those ready made sweets that would just kept you wanting more. And to look on the other hand, leaving us in a state where we love and miss the anime so much is probably one of the best ways to remember the series. And the mystery that is now left for us to imagine and the vast open wonders left behind for our own interpretations.

So I am truly satisfied and would say to you all. Don't cry kiddies, the ending of Kill la Kill is not the end of Mozart and we should look forward to the new things That Trigger might give us in the future or even next summer!!
I Do! Do you?!

I miss them so much I could address to a Haggis just like on Burn's night. But for now I just have to survive on these wee bread and chicken slices. For a storm's be coming and the Graduation Grail is just over the top of the fortified castle full of heathen exam papers and projects spitting words down like muddy rain.

To be continued…...


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